Tobo Emag # 24 – Cro-Magnons inside !

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Tobo Emag # 24 – Cro-Magnons inside !

Cro-Magnons set up camp inside Tobo Emag # 24 Tobo Emag # 24  (February 2016) A short flash animation to learn everything about cave painting, reindeer stew and mammoth cooking, fur fashion, and musical bones performance … Welcome to the Late Stone Age! Milan publishing    


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Montreuil Children’s Book Fair 2015

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The little stonecutter, somewhere at the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair  2015… Signing session with the author Nathalie Dargent   ( December 6, 2015)  


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The little stonecutter will be somewhere at ASIEXPO event with the Lucioles bookstore…    

Tobo Emag # 7

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Tobo Emag # 7

A small contribution to the monthly educative apps developed by Milan presse publishing : Tobo Emag #7 (coming October)

The Stonecutter folktale

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I’ve been quite busy working on an editorial project in April. It’s a children’s book coming out in october, a folktale called “The stonecutter”, adapted by Nathalie Dargent and  published by Piquier Publishing. I can’t really show much at this point. I post the first sketch of the main character. To be continued…  


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° ° °

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